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WELCOME to the TEI Silicon Valley Job Database!!

This is a FREE service of the chapter and is available for current TEI members or potential members to post available employment opportunities for tax professionals. Third party recruiters please see the note below.



To view the jobs database, please click on one of the views to the left of this message.



To post a tax position opening, please click on the button "+New Record" (above to the right).  If changes are needed AFTER posting contact TEISCVAT@YAHOO.COM.  The position will be posted for 3 months, unless its removed sooner or extended later.  We do not accept postings for undisclosed employers or for contract positions.  The chapter reserves the right to delete any posting it believes is in violation of the posting rules.


To delete a posting please email TEISCVAT@YAHOO.COM please include the record number.  



If you are a third party recruiter, you are allowed to post to the jobs board but you must show the employer's name.  Additionally, you must also send a email, at the time of the posting, to TEISCVAT@YAHOO.COM and an email to the employer so we may verify you are authorized to post for the employer.


As an extended service to our members, we are temporarily allowing the posting of temporary and contractor positions to this jobs board.  All of the rules related to posting of permanent positions (postings must show the name of the member or eligible member employer and if the posting is from a third party recruiter an email must be sent to TEISCVAT@YAHOO.COM and to the employer demonstrating your eligibility to recruit for such employer) are still in effect.

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